Short biography

Ricardo Starling is a Italian-Brazilian composer and musician. Living in Brazil, he began to learn music as a child (seven years old), self-taught and through experimentation.

In an earlier musical stage, he composed many popular and instrumental songs. His songs played on several radio stations in Brazil and around the world, with thousands of downloads in 25 countries. He won 2 Popular Jury Awards at National Festival in Brazil.

Today, renewed, he composes and produces healing music for inner peace in direct contact with nature.

He developed his own healing lifestyle, which he called “ELIXIR”, for a simple and complete life.

About his music

Expanding your spiritual connection to the frequencies of the God-Universe, “peace, love and gratitude” are the main sources of his art.

He shares with people the art of living peacefully and relaxed through the music he composes to heal himself from the “collective anxiety” of the world.

In a charismatic way, he works and channels the loving energy of inner peace, making room for true blessing. The melodies and arrangements spread through the body, touching the heart.

Some words about healing life

“Our reward is our life.

After a considerable time, I realized that I wasn’t living; I was surviving.

Humanity lives in a world sickened by stress, fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs, depression.

And each of us is responsible for changing that and making himself a better person.

This is the recipe for healing yourself and the whole world: inner peace, love, gratitude, respecting nature and living in the present.

The way I found for this was through music, drawing, cooking – art in general -, mixed with meditation, contemplation of nature, growing vegetables, and, of course, in harmony with my family.

And as it worked for me, I decided to share it with people in order to contribute to their individual healing process.

I invite you to experience positive habit changes. And, if you want, you can send me a message to be part of my network. I will be happy to answer you. Blessings.”

Ricardo Starling

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